secure shredding and document destruction

Retrievex offers shredding services of confidential business documents as part of a complete records management program. Our Shredding services provides secured, convenient collection containers which make it easy for your employees to use. We securely destroy the material fast and the service is cost effective.

Secure document destruction services are a necessity for all businesses to insure that sensitive everyday business documents and correspondence are disposed of properly. Further, those that handle proprietary or personal information must assure that the destruction process meets requirements for confidentiality and security. Retrievex provides secure, cost-effective means to destroy these sensitive everyday business records as part of a companies overall records management strategy.

There are two options for this service:


Donate the boxes and their contents to a recycling company of the customer’s choice. Retrievex is not liable for providing documentation to the donor of successful destruction. This service has no cost if the documents are at our facility. If not, the customer is only charged for transportation of the boxes to the recycling facility.

Shred Destruction

Guillotines machines are used to chop paper records.