Records Storage Project Management

In addition to the many comprehensive solutions offered by Retrievex for the records management out of the office, we can serve you in several ways within the office also. A properly developed records management program is vital to ensuring the accessibility of information and the efficiency of the team while it complements the out of the office document management and makes transitions between active and archived documents issue-free.


Whether it’s in an active area of your archive or already out of office in a Retrievex record center, Retrievex can index your individual files or boxes to make sure that their inventory reference information are complete and accurate and include all the information needed to locate items easily and destroy records when appropriate. You will spend less time locating the records you need, and a detailed and accurate list of each box or file is available whether it be stored in your archives or at a Retrievex record center. By ensuring that the dates of destruction are included, you will reduce the risks and long-term costs of archiving records, ensuring that obsolete records are destroyed in a timely manner.


Are you running out of record keeping space in your office? The Retrievex team can work with you to remove and pack up records which should be in storage out of your office, help you to relocate records in your office, or to remove outdated records to be processed by the secure destruction service.


Did you know that the same sophisticated tracking system that is used in Retrievex Records Centers to keep track of your storage items can be applied to documents being stored in your office as well? Consider the efficiency and improved productivity that this solution can provide.

Update / “Interfiling”

Do you need assistance in keeping on schedule in your filing or “interfiling” projects? Let the experienced team at Retrievex help your team.