Off-Site Media Vault

This service consists of protecting and guarding magnetic media in high a security vault with air-conditioning and controlled atmosphere for the vital information that requires a higher degree of protection. All this allows you to ensure the continuity of your business in the event of a disaster.

The Ultimate Safeguard

Retrievex Media Storage solutions offers highly secure off-site protection and preservation of all forms of media, as well as for highly sensitive or confidential documents.

Vital Document Storage

Retrievex provides extraordinary protection for wills, trusts and other vital records. With today’s concerns about disaster preparedness and recovery and confidentiality, the legal community faces new challenges in protecting client records, including wills, trusts, and other vital documents. The Retrievex Valuable Document Storage Solution provides the very best off-site safety and security.

Magnetic Media Tape Storage

Tapes, disks, reels, microfiche, CD-ROMS and other forms of media require very specialized records management guidelines and storage. The same is true for documents of a highly confidential nature or value, such as Estate Plans. The Retrievex Media Storage solutions offer unparalleled protection, security and management of these important records.

Retrievex’s Media Storage and Protection Service ensures the critical data your business will need to continue to operate successfully will be available if a disaster should occur. It includes the physical storage of media in a records storage environment that offers enhanced protection to this business critical data as well as specially developed rotation and delivery services. And it offers the peace of mind that important documents and data will be safeguarded and available when they are needed in the future.