information management strategies

Professional review, evaluation, assessment and systems design resulting in the development and implementation of a fully-integrated, compliant records classification plan that minimizes an organization’s risk through strict adherence to internal records classification and retention policies that apply to both records retained in paper form as well as those electronically created or converted to electronic form.

We provide:

  • Training your company’s staff
  • Organization and administration of your physical files
  • Archival advising
  • Indexing of your information
  • Optimization of physical space

Compliant records and information management solutions require that you know what is in storage, that it is easily accessible, that “chain of custody” is maintained through proper tracking mechanisms, and that ultimately the record is purged based on a well-defined retention period that is consistently applied.

All too many organizations look at the archiving of business records simply as a storage requirement when it is really a key part of its overall information management program. A critical component to having a compliant records and information management solution is the creation and consistent utilization of a professionally developed Records Classification System.

A Records Classification System systematically categorizes all of an organization’s record types so that consistent identification and appropriate retention periods are applied that adhere to among other things federal, state, local, and industry requirements, as well as individual business policies, for the maintenance of the various records produced by an organization.

Retrievex can conduct a professional review, evaluation and assessment of your current program with you. We will provide advice and systems design, to include software selection and training, that results in the development and implementation of a fully-integrated, records classification. The Retrievex Compliant Classification Solution dramatically improves your access to needed records and reduces your liability and ensures long-term cost savings.

And once your Records Classification System has been developed we will assist you in implementing your new records and information management policies to ensure compliance through your use of our comprehensive service offerings and our FileLine Inventory Management system. And to ensure on-going compliance we will audit the use of this records classification system by your employees.