Electronic content management

FileLine is a comprehensive and coordinated most updated online system that includes comprehensive processes and provides a convenient, simple, efficient and effective access to Retrievex customers – and ongoing maintenance – for information. FileLine represents the most comprehensive management solution of information and good practice in the industry to manage records.

The FileLine system is the best offered in the industry of information management.

“FileLine” defines all the ways we interact and what we do together to manage their information. Through FileLine, Retrievex can offer individually designed plans for the retention of records and information management, as well as providing customer service support fileline@retrievex.com, through the use of your FileLine Use Manual.

The solution FileLine and Inventory Management System allows access, retrieval, re file, collection, delivery and efficient destruction of your records and provide ease of completing online forms.

Retrievex was intentionally created to provide a fresh approach for information management, unlike other existing members in the industry regardless of the size. The FileLine system is the culmination of this goal combined with unparalleled industry knowledge applied incomparably customer focused with customer service as its hallmark.

It is logical that the best system for record management industry comes from Retrievex. After all, the company was created by successful business people who particularly knew this business better than anyone in the world industry, having created and grown so much together as separate entities for information management for over 40 years. During that time, the preferences and needs of the client were always first and were clearly identified , methods and processes for file storage and record management were designed , tested, evaluated and polished professionally ; business practices were developed and fully refined to ensure that customer expectations were met consistently . Today, this is the management team that is fully dedicated to your needs, proudly bringing FileLine System.

Client Login

The comprehensive and fully customizable for online record management resource, allows you to manage all aspects of your external storage of records from the comfort of your desk.

Enter information in a custom database to manage records

Authorize users to enter records in the shopping work order and optionally, the file level, eliminating the use of traditional paper forms and databases that are online.

Handle the classification of records

Retrievex works with you to establish retention criteria for your records. When information about your records is to be entered into the FileLine system it will automatically calculate retention requirements to ensure compliance.

Reports and work orders can be seen in line with the reports and work orders of FileLine from the comfort of your desk.

Wondering about the status of a work order? You can access all open and closed work orders to determine their status and see the signature of the person who completed the order.

Validate the data file storage for accuracy and completed level

The FileLine ensures accuracy by validating the department numbers and registration codes for each department as well as the retention period and the date of eligibility for destruction. Document destruction will not occur until it is approved by an authorized representative of the client.

Quickly search records and historical information

Finding the records you need is easy with comprehensive capabilities of FileLin. In addition, a complete history of each case and file remains on the system. That means that the requested items can be easily located and tracked. This historical information is often critical when doing audits.

Organize boxes and / or files for delivery and / or collection

FileLine contributes to productivity enabling authorized users to request collection and / or delivery of records. No phone calls are needed. No cumbersome paper reports are required. Just find the item you need and connect online with the requested service.

Ensure compliance with records management policies

With FileLine, personnel assigned for management will be notified by email of all items placed in storage and see details related to these items. This enables administrators to ensure that users are complying with the assigned information management policies of organizations.