More than just the storage of your important business records, Retrievex records management specializes in solutions for records management and information support, and custom delivery through systems designed for optimal and efficient quality. While our records management capabilities are extensive, our approach to each client is quite detailed.

The record management of assets and liabilities, as well as medical records, staff records, architectural blueprints, etc., includes indexing, inventory management tools, online access, recovery and on-demand delivery services, as well as the destruction of records in accordance with retention schedule.

This service protects and guards vital information that requires a higher degree of protection in high security vaults with air-conditioned and atmospherically controlled magnetic systems. This allows you to ensure the continuity of your business in the event of a disaster.

Digitize and manage digital images on a safe and reliable technology platform.

Solutions for records management that include the conversion of documents, information management and hosting solutions, resulting in an improvement in the productivity of the employee, and access to active records faster and integration of digital records with paper documents.

This service includes expert evaluation for the debugging of records, sorting files and indexing under the highest standards of security and confidentiality. In addition, advice and training for the optimal management of your documents and information.

Secure destruction services offered to meet our customer’s needs in destroying confidential documents.

Work with our team to review, evaluate, analyze and design records management systems in a professional manner, resulting in the development and implementation of a 100% compatible and fully integrated records classification system and an information security plan that minimizes the risks to your organization through strict adherence to internal policies for records retention, substantially reducing your liability and ensuring the reduction of costs.

FileLine is a comprehensive and coordinated cutting edge online system that includes comprehensive processes and provides convenient, simple, efficient and effective access to – and ongoing maintenance of – Retrievex’s customers’ information.