At Retrievex, “the customer is the most important and the quality is of the utmost importance” it is more than a slogan, it is a commitment to exceed your expectations of us day after day. Deliver the highest levels of service to the client and management of documents and information requires more than a well-defined process of quality control. Requires a culture that fosters and rewards all members of the Retrievex team to give the best of ourselves to satisfy your expectations and deliver the highest levels of service possible to the customer.

The proper management of your organization’s information is critical to our mutual success. Through the FileLine system of Retrievex, we are committed to help you take advantage both to the services offered by Retrievex as to resources in records management we have developed so that our work together is simple and efficient.

The FileLine system is proprietary information management solution most fine in the industry of management of records and information, which includes the access manual, as well as our online access software called FileLine, a tool for communication and training in innovative and interactive records management developed exclusively for our customers.

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