Our Mission and Commitment

Retrievex in Latin America is part of the largest private capital company of the United States in the storage records and document management industry, which makes us the strategic partner of multiple industries and markets throughout the U.S. and now Latin America.


Establish a market presence in which we truly provide our customers with the best service – maintaining exceptional performance standards that are constantly adhere to the organization – achieving recognition as a leader in information management services focused on the client.


  • Our team, our clients and the places where we do business, benefit from the values we live.
  • Our clients have specific needs and deserve our attention focused on treating their needs with excellence.
  • We believe that a professional, honest and direct approach is the key to any productive and beneficial long-term relationship.
  • Our team is diverse and everyone is respected and driven to success.
  • Working together, in a pro teamwork environment, provides a positive environment for all of us and allows the recognition of both team and personal achievements.
  • We believe in developing individual talents and the contribution of each to the success of the company so we reward achievements fairly.
  • The communities where our people live should benefit by having us as part of it.
  • We want to be an active member in our communities and we encourage all our team members to participate in them and we suggest ways in which we, as a company, can help significantly and specifically.


As our organization continues growing rapidly, to the point of being today the larger provider of records management support in U.S., most importantly is our commitment to strengthen our valued customers, remains constant. In fact, the mission of our company has been recently redefined more clearly.

Our mission is simple, leading the records and documents management by providing our customers the best service…. TRULY THE BEST service.

Leadership, commitment to all members of our team

Our leadership team is committed to provide our members with all the necessary resources to enable them to perform their best in their jobs, while allowing them to show their skills to lead, in short, always give truly the best of each to our customers.

The personal commitment that every member of Retrievex shares:

  • I am truly committed to give the best of me and focused on doing the right thing.
  • I am responsible for my performance as a key part of a team dedicated to your satisfaction.
  • I will participate with my company to contribute to the community.

For this reason, the leadership philosophy of our company and adherence to the values of mutual respect, empowerment, integrity and opportunity reflect a sincere appreciation for the team and the client. We aim to extend this underlying spirit very positively to the communities in which we live and work.

Through an unwavering commitment to these principles, we will surpass our goals for the benefit of our customers, our team and our investors.

Working together and respecting each other, our team always provides a service of the highest quality for our company to grow to become a leader in information management, benefiting everyone.