With a history dating back to 1994, integrated by leaders of records and document information management industry, Retrievex has searched to meet the different needs of a changing environment, always set the standard for management systems with the latest technology and according to market demands, under a focused high customer satisfaction philosophy.

Access (www.informationprotected.com) and Retrievex joined forces in October 2012 to create the largest private equity firm in the records and document information management industry of the United States. As you can see on the attached map, our company already has a presence in 29 markets across the U.S. including Hawaii, and since 2012 in Latin America, starting in Costa Rica and in 2014 in Panama

Both Access as well as Retrievex have developed highly focused services to its customers as a combined company; its mission is to bring customers in this industry, the best service.

The company has grown rapidly over the last 8 years through approximately 60 acquisitions and a program for its customers focused on sales. With a larger presence in the United States, and after 2 successful acquisitions in Costa Rica we are looking for more business in the records and document information management industry in Latin American markets that fit our acquisition strategy records.