Retrievex Advantages

More than just storing your important business records, Retrievex specializes in custom solutions that meet the requirements, controlled by records management systems designed for optimum quality and efficiency. While our capabilities are extensive, our approach is highly detailed.

Your records. Your way.

While our capabilities are extensive, our approach to each client is highly detailed. We will consult with you, identify your needs, and help you developing a consistent and accurate system for the entire company in the organization and inventory of its records. Then, we will develop an action plan and timetable to assure that our services fit perfectly with your operations. A full-time representative of Retrievex will be your single point of contact throughout the implementation of your solution and Records Information Management.

Final Cost Control

A more efficient records management, storage and retrieval of records will bear fruit in increased productivity and operational efficiency. Moreover, Retrievex prices in records management are generally lower than the competitors’ services. Our clients save on average, a 15% or more compared to internal storage or outsourced storage services.

Exceptional Service and Attention

Retrievex works hardly to make records management easy to handle for you. In addition to advanced document management technologies, we provide labor that allows the collection and delivery services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Customer Foremost… Quality Paramount

Quality and customer service are the hallmarks of Retrievex. The efficient use of technology by our Quality Control team, ensure that the traceability of the Retrievex system, from the retrieve, documents storing, to return to the client, is free of errors. Lead by a Records Management Accounts Executive, your Retrievex support team is there to assist you, answer your questions, provide training, and if there’s a problem, solve it quickly.

Diverse Industry Experience

Regulations and retaining records challenges vary from industry to industry, and many of them require specialized knowledge and experience. Retrievex understand the compliance issues of the information, and knows how to help you create a records management system that offers the best in safety and accessibility.