RIM Industry Acquisitions

Has is come the time for you to get the reward of your hard work and enjoy some leisure? Whether for estate planning, for quality of life reasons, if you are considering selling your business record storage, Retrievex is interested in speaking with you.

Since our founding, we have helped entrepreneurs like you maximize the value of all your hard work, and also understand the importance for many entrepreneurs to maintain its reputation with quality service and treat their employees fairly when considering selling your business. Led by a team of experts in the industry, you can be sure that their commitment to customer service quality and a fair deal for their employees continues to be the hallmark of its reputation in the markets in which it has served so carefully for many years.

Based on our experience in past acquisitions, we may been able to provide:

  • A 100 % cash transaction.
  • Assistance in reducing tax burdens.
  • Rental income in the long term if you are the owner of the property.
  • An output opportunity that exceeds financial expectations.
  • Services and benefits that meet or exceed current levels of commitment to customers and employees.
  • We have a great record track to rapidly close fair deals.

If, despite the increased risks affecting current business results, increased government regulation and taxation, constant technological changes, increasing costs, you have not thought of a sale, perhaps this is the time to do it.

Although valuation multiples have not returned to the high levels of the late 1990’s it is unlikely to ever see them again. However, valuation multiples have increased since the beginning of the 2007 recession providing vendors attractive valuations.