About Us Retrievex

Retrievex is the growing division of Access in Latin America, the largest private capital company of the United States in the records and document information management industry, which makes us the strategic partner for multiple industries and markets throughout the U.S. and Costa Rica since 2012 and Panama since 2014.

Retrievex is recognized as one of the largest companies with the most dynamic growth in the records storage and document management industry. Founded and staffed by a team of experienced industry leaders who share a vision of transform and elevate their own standards, offering a wide range of services and solutions that enable our customers to harness the power of their information.

Retrievex has earned a reputation as a vibrant company, expanding into new markets, investing in innovative services and attracting some of the best members of the industry. Retrievex is recognized as an excellent quality partner by its clients, a great place to work by the team members, a valuable contributor to the communities in which it operates and consistently promoter and supporter of the records storage and document management industry.

Retrievex is full partner in which companies can trust all their records storage management information, secure destruction, media management and vital records protection, electronic content management and strategies for information management. Retrievex support its service offering supreme quality, innovation and commitment to provide the best value to its customers, providing growth opportunities to its investors and its team members.